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First Person
Release Date (US):
December 31st, 1969
Release Date (UK):
December 31st, 1969
Online Players:
Turtle Rock Studios
2K Games
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0 of 1166 Games
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0 of 0 Games
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Evolve News

  • New Evolve screenshots showcase spine-chilling monsters

    2K Games has released a host of new screenshots for Evolve, the sci-fi themed, co-op shooter in development by Turtle Rock Studios. Gameplay teams up four players in the hunt for a player-controlled monster. The concept is unique with the monster being able to evolve and become stronger by consumin...

  • E3 2014: Evolve hands-on impressions: an intriguing take on competitive play

    PSU's Freelancer Jon Ottman had a chance to dabble in the multiplayer for Evolve right off the showroom floor at E3 2014. Jon's overall response to Evolve is positive. He contrasts it with the Left 4 Dead franchise, and he elaborates on how much better a boss-like enemy feels when it's controlled b...

  • Evolve global release date revealed

    2K Games today revealed the launch date for co-op first-person shooter Evolve: October 21, 2014. Developed by Turtle Rock Studios, the team behind the Left 4 Dead series, Evolve pits four players as class-based human hunters against a rampaging monster controlled by a fifth player. The game will re...

  • New Evolve trailer shows off stunning battle with fire-breathing alien

    Feast your eyes folks, as we have the new trailer for Turtle Rock Studios’ Evolve at the ready for your viewing pleasure. Evolve – the first Turtle Rock Studios title to feature on a Sony machine – takes from the developers’ previous game, Left 4 Dead, as a predominantly c...

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