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  • Bethesda casts doubt over Fallout 3 demo

    Developer Bethesda has cast a shadow of doubt over the possibility of releasing a demo for its upcoming RPG title, Fallout 3. Speaking on the company’s official message board today, Bethesda’s Community Manager, Matt Grandstaff, commented: "One thing to consider about demos thou...

  • Fallout 3 Website goes live!

    Fallout 3, the new installment of the hit series by Bethesda, is capturing the attention of the entire industry. Recently featured at E3, Fallout 3 has already won countless awards including best RPG, best of show, and even best console game. These impressive endorsements are now backed by the r...

  • Fallout is upon us

    Bethesda Game Studios has released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming MMO epic, Fallout 3. Although details are currently very thin, and the trailer only shows a small taste of what's to come, we were able to snag this tidbit for you from Bethesda PR Pete Hines... PSU:  Fallout 3 is b...

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