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  • First look at Heavy Rain - behind the scenes footage

    Following the release of new screenshots last week, Quantic Dream has let out a behind the scenes video demonstrating some of the new technology they are utilizing in the upcoming PlayStation 3 thriller, Heavy Rain. As you can see in the video below, from weather effects to facial animation capt...

  • Leak: First real Heavy Rain screenshots

    Not much has been shown or said about Quantic Dream's upcoming PS3 exclusive, Heavy Rain, since the E3 06 casting demo. If you don't remember that far back, the video showed how the development team hopes to use photo-realistic graphics and animation to create never-before-seen emotions in video gam...

  • Heavy Rain gets exclusive preview in Chief magazine

    We must admit, we don't frequent Dutch magazines all that often. Apparently, we should begin to do so. Dutch gaming magazine Chief recieved an exclusive preview on the upcoming mysterious PS3 title, Heavy Rain. The title, which was first unveiled via a tech demo at E3 2006, has generally gone u...

  • Quantic Dream co-founder talks Heavy Rain

    We don't know very much about far-off PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain. The first and only piece of media which has been released for the title was "The Casting," an emotionally charged tech demo shown at E3 2006. It was powerful, convincing, but still remained somewhat within the infamous Uncanny...

  • Sony secures exclusive PS3 game with Quantic Dream

    Sony Computer Entertainment World Wide Studios (SCE WWS) has announced that the company will be working on a collaborative project with development studio Quantic Dream to deliver a “groundbreaking” exclusive title for Sony’s PlayStation 3 console. President and Founder of Quan...

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