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Jurassic Park
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November 15th, 2011
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November 15th, 2011
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Telltale Games
Warner Bros. Interactive
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Also on iPad, PC, Xbox 360, Wii and iPhone.

About Jurassic Park

On the stormy night when Jurassic Park fell apart, a desperate smuggler infiltrates Isla Nublar, hunting the precious canister containing the contraband dinosaur embryos. She collides -- literally -- with park staff trying to evacuate, and they become stranded amidst the collapsing park ruins, with the newly-freed dinosaurs on the loose. When InGen launches a perilous rescue operation, mercenaries, saboteurs, and survivors are thrown together in the struggle to escape the island. In this intense adventure game based on the blockbuster film franchise, the survivors' agendas clash, secrets of the park are exposed, and a new threat emerges: an eerie, nocturnal predator stalking the group, hunting them relentlessly across the island.



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A cinematic adventure game that successfully marries a Jurassic Park story in both name and style to enjoyable mechanics. Life found a way.

We like

  • Engaging characters and story
  • Clear passion for the franchise
  • Something for hardcore gamers and hardcore fans alike

We dislike

  • Fairly bad slowdown and hitching throughout
  • A few noticeable low res textures on high def displays
  • The build up to the big bad is anti-climactic

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Some 120 miles off the coast of Costa Rica, the biotechnology company InGen from Palo Alto, California, has leased a remote Pacific island from the Costa Rican government. The scientists on Isla Nublar have been hard at work for five years creating the most fantastic tourist trap ever conceived—a game park full of living, breathing dinosaurs. Jurassic Park Since unveiling the game at E3 in 2010, Telltale Games ...

Jurassic Park News

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    Hold on to your butts, folks, We braved the threats of Isla Nublar to bring you this interview with Kevin Boyle, executive producer on Jurassic Park: The Game. You don't even need a Unix System to hear it either, just click below for our interview 65 million years in the making. ...

  • Jurassic Park goes amber gold, escapes next week

    Classic water-shake-’em-up blockbuster Jurassic Park will soon be available in video game form, as Telltale’s Jurassic Park: The Game goes gold. Releasing on the 15th November (which is next week, folks), Telltale are billing this as their biggest game release yet. For a Telltale g...

  • Go Behind the Scenes at Jurassic Park

    Get hype as you watch the kind and crazy folk of Telltale games talk about their upcoming magnum opus, Jurassic Park: The Game. Telltale have released a Behind the Scenes video with some of the games lead developers, giving brief snippets of the game alongside some of the interesting decisions that...

  • Jurassic Park: The Game coming to PS3, Xbox 360 simultaneously

    Despite recently announcing its status as an official publisher for Xbox 360, Telltale Games today announced that it will release Jurassic Park: The Game simultaneously on the PlayStation 3. The episodic interactive game will launch for both systems this fall. According to the official press releas...

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