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Madden NFL 11
Madden 2011
Sub Genre:
American Football
Release Date (US):
August 10th, 2010
Release Date (UK):
August 10th, 2010
Online Players:
Electronic Arts
E [Everyone]
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0 of 1166 Games
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0 of 0 Games
Additional Information:
Also available on PS2, PSP, Xbox 360, Wii and iPhone;

About Madden NFL 11

Get on the bus for the 2011 edition of the defining sports videogame franchise.



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Madden's back with the best football experience in years. Casual fans will love the simpler, quicker games, while hardcore fanatics will have plenty to sink their teeth into with Ultimate Team and Online Franchise.

We like

  • The faster gameplay through GameFlow
  • The depth for you and friends in Ultimate Team
  • Easier and less complex controls make Madden fun for everyone

We dislike

  • Reoccurring graphic glitches
  • Commentary needs more punch
  • Lag can make online miserable

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As sure as excessive tailgating leads to burley fans filled with bratwurst and Bud Light Lime, every year we get a new iteration of the best American football game, Madden NFL, with new features, better graphics, and more depth than previous entries. That’s not to say that every year’s version is actually an improvement, but in general we find more refined gameplay and a greater emphasis on the whole football exper...

Madden NFL 11 News

  • August NPD: PS3 sales up 5.1 percent

    The August NPD results are out, and the PlayStation 3 sales increased by 5.1 percent over last month and the system has seen 13 consecutive months of year-over-year sales increases. Despite the positive showing, the PS3 came in fourth in the hardware charts, with the Xbox 360 on top, selling some 35...

  • EA: Madden NFL 11 reigns supreme in August

    Electronic Arts is feeling pretty confident about its sales figures for August. The company announced today that according to internal sales figures, Madden NFL 11 is the top selling game in North America for August. In addition, EA projects an increase in sales of five percent year-over-year across...

  • Madden NFL 11 cover features Drew Brees; details inside

    Fans either really like New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, or they are crossing their fingers the Madden curse returns. But, that’s a terrible thing to wish for as Brees was the star QB from the last Super Bowl, and was a class act all around. In the first-ever online consumer vot...

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