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Madden NFL 13
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American Football
Release Date (US):
August 28th, 2012
Release Date (UK):
Online Players:
EA Tiburon
EA Sports
E [Everyone]
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0 of 1166 Games
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0 of 0 Games
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Also available on Xbox 360

About Madden NFL 13

Madden returns with more authentic football action.



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Madden NFL 13 is the most realistic football game to date and offers a true-to-life game day presentation. With reworked gameplay, Connected Careers, and a new physics=based engine, it's worth checking out even if you've been bored with the series lately.

We like

  • Strong new physics engine
  • Connected Careers adds depth
  • Enhanced gameplay presentation

We dislike

  • Glitchy post-play animations
  • Virtually no penalties
  • Some graphic hiccups

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Just about every annual sports game needs that year where everything changes. EA Sports has recently focused on transforming its sports lineup--games like FIFA, Fight Night, and NHL have all had, or will have, drastic revamped installments--and this year it's Madden's turn. With the promise of improved gameplay; a new, realistic engine; a presentation more in line with Sunday game day, or night; and at long last a vastly rewor...

Madden NFL 13 News

  • Madden 25 cover vote winner announced: Barry Sanders or Adrian Peterson?

    EA Sports announced today the cover vote winner who will grace the new Madden 25 cover later this year. 32 players from the National Football League were voted on through five total rounds since March 11, and fans have accumulated over 40 million votes throughout the entire campaign. With major pla...

  • Challenge Series returns for NHL, Madden, and FIFA 13

    Virgin Gaming is teaming up once again with EA Sport to give avid and dedicated players the chance to win one million dollars in cash prizes. The process of entering is quite simple. In fact, as Michael Steranka, the Marketing Promotions Specialist from Sony Computer Entertainment America, dictates...

  • Madden NFL 13 screenshots

    Electronic Arts has released a fresh batch of Madden NFL 13 screenshots for you to feast your eyes on. Check out a teaser shot below, and then hit up our Madden gallery to view the full collection. Developed by EA Tiburon, Madden NFL 13 features a number of improvements over last year’s ...

  • E3 2012: Madden 13 strengthened by new Infinity Engine, completely unique hits

    Cam Weber, GM of American Football EA, delivered a presentation on the new Infinity Engine that's featured in the newest installment of the Madden series. The goal with this new engine is to create completely authentic gameplay. Essentially, no two plays will ever look exactly the same. The same go...

  • Madden NFL 13 to feature new Nike uniforms

    EA Sports today revealed the first Madden NFL 13 screenshot showing off the new Nike uniforms. The development team was granted early access to the new uniform designs and meticulously recreated the clothing to run alongside Madden NFL 13. EA Sports was even given early access to the Nike tem...

Madden NFL 13 Features

  • Madden 13 more ingenuitive on PS Vita than PS3, Xbox 360

    Madden is a franchise that’s been around for a long time. Though the traditional formula works really well, fans have complained, for good reason, that the franchise never really gets enough improvements each year to truly justify an annual purchase. The PlayStation Vita has faced a similar ou...

  • A deeper look into new Madden 13 features

    Madden 13 is one of the most anticipated sports video games of this generation partly because of two significant new features added this year to the franchise. Connected Careers mode and the new physics engine are a bold attempt to inject life into a consistent yet somewhat stale game. Those topics ...

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