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No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise
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August 16th, 2011
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May 20th, 2011
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About No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise

Anime geek Travis Touchdown wins a Beam Katana and starts a new career as a professional killer in this remake of the first entry into the unusual action franchise No More Heroes. There's only one way to the top ranks of the underground world of paid assassins and it's going to get messy. Lucky for Travis Touchdown, he just knocked off the world's eleventh best without breaking a sweat. The life of fame and fortune couldn't be closer. Heads will roll and names will be taken, but everything is not what it seems. It all started after Travis was assigned to take on the drifter known as Helter Skelter, the United Assassin Association’s 11th ranked assassin. After a grueling battle, Travis emerged the winner, collected the spoils of battle and claimed his title as the new 11th ranked assassin. However, the situation turns out to be more complicated than Travis first thought. It is after the mysterious beauty, Sylvia Christel, appears that the real adventure begins...

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise News

  • Grasshopper Manufacture loses two powerful developers

    Grasshopper Manufacture has lost two powerful developers. Yasuhiro Wada and Yoshiro Kimura, the creators of the Harvest Moon and Little King's Story respectively, were hired last year by Grasshopper head Giochi Suda to help with their newly released No More Heroes on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. ...

  • No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise dated for U.S.

    Feelplus-developed No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise will be cutting a bloody swath through North American retailers from August 16, Konami has announced. The stylish hack-n-slash hits European territories today, though U.S. gamers will have to wait almost three months to get their hands on the ga...

  • Suda 51 keen on making No More Heroes 3

    Goichi Suda, CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture, has expressed his interest in developing a third instalment in the cult classic No More Heroes franchise. Don’t hold your breath, though, as it sounds like No More Heroes 3 won’t see the light of day any time soon. "Although it won't h...

  • No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise heading exclusively to PS3 with Move support

    No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise is heading exclusively to the PlayStation 3 with Move support, Konami today announced. The updated Wii version of the game was originally thought to be releasing on both Xbox 360 and PS3. The PS3 release will see updated graphics, more levels, better AI, an...

  • Suda51 to produce new IP for Arc, Natal

    Grasshopper’s Goichi Suda – otherwise known as Suda 51 – has revealed that he plans on developing fresh IP for use with Sony’s PlayStation Arc and Microsoft’s Project Natal peripherals. Speaking to the chaps at Gamespot, Suda commented that he is “very interes...

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