PS3 Slim Features

  • How to create, upload and download a PS3 Theme

    Did you know that PlayStation Universe hosts one of the largest collections of PS3 Themes on the web? We have a dedicated Theme section on the site specifically for uploading and browsing through hundreds of creations. Furthermore, all themes can be downloaded directly from the browser of your PS3 a...

  • Editorial: How Sony mishandled the PSN Crisis

    [Editor’s Note: We encourage you to submit articles to our editors for home page consideration. Steven Chaffin (SchaffinOSX), an active member of our community, is the author of this editorial.] At the time of writing, Sony Computer Entertainment is currently in the process of combating va...

  • PSU wants you to help develop our first video game

    Have you ever dreamed of creating the next great video game? Do you stay awake all night sketching environments or writing the dialogue for the next greatest cast of characters? Well, PSU wants you to join us in creating our first ever video game. If you are a faithful PSU community member, y...

  • Editorial: Slim model puts Sony in best position since PS3 launch

    Let’s get this off our chest right away – Sony’s unveiling of the PlayStation 3 Slim, quite frankly, could not have come at a better time. As the company itself recently conceded, fiscal 2008 proved a decidedly stormy period for the platform holder, despite offering a substantial 2...

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