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  • [WINNERS] Resistance 2 beta code giveaway

    Load up soldier! You're about to deploy on a dangerous mission with thousands of other combatants -- you are going to beta test Resistance 2. Hah, just kidding, not all of you can get in. We have codes to hand out to 15 lucky people out there. Admission into the contest is simple. Send an email t...

  • Top 10 reasons we're stoked for Resistance 2

    Resistance: Fall of Man was the clear standout title at the launch of the PlayStation 3. Many of us look back at the game fondly as our first PlayStation 3 title. We remember playing and replaying the campaign, then hopping online for a quick dose of multiplayer, only to stay on until the sun left t...

  • Evolution of Resistance

    Developed by Insomniac Games, Resistance 2 is on its way to be one of the biggest exclusives released on the PlayStation 3. Being the third title to release from Insomniac for the PS3, we'd like to take a look at the evolution of the game's graphics since its beginning. The first photos compare imag...

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