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Release Date (US):
September 24th, 2007
Release Date (UK):
October 12th, 2007
Online Players:
EA Canada
Electronic Arts
T [Teen]
PSU Rank:
81 of 1166 Games
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78 of 0 Games
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Also available on Xbox 360

About Skate

Skate's unique control scheme captures the true feel of skating versus the typical button mashing gameplay of past skating games. Skate delivers the real feel of skating in a fully reactive skateboarding city, utilizing the power of the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles for advanced new control and physics techniques to feel through every kick-flip and land every aerial. The game features professional skaters such as Danny Way and PJ Ladd. Skate's unique control scheme captures the true feel of skating -- with physics-driven animations, gamers will have a unique gaming experience every time they pick up the controller since no two tricks will ever be the same.



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Skate is the best skateboarding game to date providing realistic simulation type gameplay.

We like

  • Revolutionary controls that work perfectly into gameplay
  • Lifelike physics to portray a more realistic skate boarding experience
  • Great art directions and stylized graphics

We dislike

  • Soundtrack can become annoying at times
  • Online lags like crazy
  • Not quite up to par with Tony Hawk in terms of features

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It’s very rare to experience a game that challenges our traditional perception of how things should be done for a genre, and reinvents the way we think altogether. EA Box Art's Skate fills a void in our hearts to when the glorious of something old, reinvents the magic of something new. Like all masterpieces, it’s not perfect. Despite this, after playing for countless hours, players will be glorified in the sweat of...



Dem Bones

You can unlock a hidden character (or rather a hidden skeleton) called Dem Bones by breaking each bone in your current character's body three times. Check the injury log to peek at your progress. Have fun. ...

Skate News

  • No downloadable content for EA's skate

    EA is the biggest third party software developer in the world, and, as they say, the rich get richer. The newest and most rapidly growing form of producing gaming revenue is downloadable content. That's why we were surprised to hear that there would be no downloadable content released for EA's Tony ...

  • EA confirms official SKATE release dates

    For gamers interested in Electronic Arts new take of the skateboarding genre SKATE, the game will soon be readily available on store shelves. The PlayStation 3 version of the game is expected to hit U.S outlets September 24th and October 5th for Europe. Xbox 360 owners will get a slightly earlier re...

  • Entire Skate soundtrack revealed

    EA's "Tony Hawk Killer" Skate seems to have an epic in-game soundtrack. The 45 featured songs include hits from top artists and bands like Nirvana, The White Stripes, Gang Starr and more. That's not even including the 18 exclusive tracks developed by top DJ's in the music industry. &qu...

  • Skate website goes live

    The official website for EA's revolutionary SKATE has gone live. The site is packed with content, both new and old. Also provided are skate-centric forums on which to discuss both the game and skating in general. Profiles are provided all the featured in-game skaters announced thus far incl...

Skate Features

  • SKATE vs Tony Hawk: Comparison

    For almost a decade Neversoft and Activision have monopolized the skateboarding genre with their Tony Hawk series. However this holiday season things may change as EA Blackbox steps up to the plate and releases their new IP, SKATE. Before we move on to the visual comparison of the games, here is a b...

  • Ask PSU: SKATE

    This edition of Ask PSU centers around EA's upcoming SKATE. Unlike previous editions of Ask PSU, this one contains more grounded questions as Justin Pinter, PSU journalist and PR manager, was able to get some hands-on time with the game. You, our forum goers and readers, asked the questions, and Jus...

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