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  • Posted March 6th, 2007 at 17:30 EDT by

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The variety of vehicles, great terrain, physics and highly satisfying vehicle scrapping make MotorStorm the best dirt racer around.

We like

  • Wide variety if vehicle classes.
  • Online is a perfect offroad racing experience.

We dislike

  • Long load times and lack of customization options.
  • Nasty load times at vehicle selection screen.
  • No sandbox mode or split screen multilayer.

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(continued from previous page) a moment's whim.

Let's not forget the racing itself. MotorStorm shines when racing against real human opponents. All the brutality, grudges, crashes, and speed delivered in the single player are just as awesome in the lag-free online multiplayer. In fact, the game looks no different with the exception of colored tags above rival vehicles, displaying who they are.

Our few dislikes with online system are only minor dislikes. Occasionally it can be hard to find a game to race in, but it's easy to create your own lobby as an alternative. If one is determined to race in a pre-existing lobby, at the worst there might be a five minute or so wait for a race to finish in a lobby where current race is underway. There are two annoying bugs, though they occur very rarely. The first occurs when the host powers down their PS3 as the race is loading, because then you will recieve perpetual "Waiting for other players" pre-race message. The other (it happened only once over 10+ hours of play) was strange in that you were racing, but as somebody else's vehicle. These minor issues are only a small dent in an otherwise awesome online experience that'll keep anyone entertained for hours on end.

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