Exclusive - Inside the PS3

  • Posted April 7th, 2006 by

(continued from previous page) ...a moments notice could be for the purposes of rendering the Blade and decoding and presenting the multiple video sources and other content onto the Blade when it appears to the user.  This will have minimal to no impact on the ability of single player games to utilize the SPE, though it will likely add complications during development of games for the system.  The main impact would be in Online Multiplayer games that do not have a pause option available and thus will have increased difficulty in relinquishing the SPE.
We do not claim to be technical specialists so we will reserve comment on the technical implications of this new information.   We look forward to community feedback regarding this information.

In addition, we did not include any of the information concerning their plans for usage of the PPE core as well as information around the Blu-Ray drive being used in the PS3.  We are currently following up and getting additional clarification regarding both of these.

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