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The Club
Sub Genre:
First Person
Release Date (US):
February 19th, 2008
Release Date (UK):
February 15th, 2008
Online Players:
Bizarre Creations
M [Mature]
PSU Rank:
99 of 1166 Games
PSU Rank on PS3:
94 of 0 Games
Additional Information:
Also available on Xbox 360 and PC

About The Club

In The Club, Bizarre Creations will shake up 3rd person shooters as they have the racing genre. The game focuses on addictive gameplay and will test your skills and have a relentless pace. It will have frantic, fast-paced gameplay with a unique style.



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The Bottom Line: The Club may or may not resonate with you, it depends entirely on what type of gamer you are. If always trying to top the leaderboards, this is certaintly the title for you; if not, you may want to try it out before you buy.

We like

  • Fantastic visuals
  • Customizable playlists
  • Plethora of entertaining online modes

We dislike

  • Repetitive nature of the Tournament
  • No headset support
  • No stat tracking for online play

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Welcome. You’re the newest participant in The Club, a secret underground organization that recruits outsiders to fight in an underground bloodsport. There is no escape, you must kill or be killed. This sums up the entire plot of The Club, the latest creatively titled shooter from Bizzare Creations. Then again, playing this game for the story would be like eating a bird for its singing – entirely irrational. Ins...



  • Bonus characters

    Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character:

      Killin: Successfully complete four locations in Tournament mode.
      Nemo: Successfully complete all locations in Tournament mode.


  • The Club News

    • Bizarre Creations won't develop sequel for The Club

      Bizarre Creations creative director Martyn Chudley has revealed that SEGA approached the developer in regards to developing a sequel its arcade action title The Club, though noted it 'wasn't going to work' due to the firm being snapped up by Activision back in 2007. "We enjoyed working on th...

    • Bizarre responds to The Club criticism

      Developer Bizarre Creations has responded to mixed reaction surrounding the company’s forthcoming shooter, The Club, suggesting that many users have simply misunderstood the game’s concept. Community Chief Ben Ward told Videogaming247 that he expects the title’s core emphasis on...

    • The Club enters gold status

      Sega has confirmed that Bizarre Creation’s upcoming shooter The Club has entered manufacturing stages in preparation for its US debut on February 19. Due out on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, The Club features a total of eight playable characters, each with their own unique playing style ...

    • The Club demo coming to PSN this week

      A demo of SEGA's third person shooter, The Club, is set to hit the PlayStation Network on Thursday. Developed by Bizarre Creations, the game allows you to take on the role of one of eight misfit gladiators who must fight in an underground blood sport run by millionaires. As revealed on PSU ...

    • Sega announces eight Multiplayer modes for The Club

      Developed by Bizarre Creations, The Club is a fast paced 3rd person shooter, pitting serial killers and trained assassins against each other for sport and gambling. For those of you excited for the title, Sega revealed today all of the multiplayer modes that will be available when the game launc...

    • SEGA dates The Club, Condemned 2 and more

      Developer and publisher SEGA has revealed that European PlayStation 3 owners will be able to pick up their copies of The Club and Condemned 2: Bloodshot in February 2008. News comes following an official release schedule issued by the firm this week, which pins down The Club for a February 8 rele...

    • The Club delayed until 2008

      Sega announced today that the upcoming shooter The Club will not make the 2007 Holiday line-up, with the game now pushed into that ugly gray area known to gamers as "Early 2008." Developled by Bizarre creations, the new title is touted to do to shooters what Project Gotham did for the ...

    • The Club multiplayer unveiled

      Bizarre Creations has revealed details of the multiplayer modes that are to be available in the game “The Club” during a closed doors sneak peek at the Leipzig Games Convention 2007. Only single player modes were shown, but Nick Davis stated that there would be nine multiplayer modes bas...

    • Bizarre Creations reveals more of The Club

      New information was release by Bizarre Creations today about their January 2008 shooter. Their development project, The Club, will contain various modes including, but not limited to, a single-player and two multiplayer options. The single-player mode is also know as “Survivor". Playe...

    The Club Features

    • PSU Exclusive Interview: The Club

      New Details on Storyline, Maps, Combo System, and more! When you have all the money in the world and the passion for fast cars and fast women no longer quench the thirst for excitement, what do you turn to? We've all seen Hostel correct? Developed by Bizarre Creations Limited, makers of the Pr...

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