Bizarre Creations reveals more of The Club

New information was release by Bizarre Creations today about their January 2008 shooter. Their development project, The Club, will contain various modes including, but not limited to, a single-player and two multiplayer options.

The single-player mode is also know as “Survivor". Players will start by entering one of the various arenas to do battle against a limitless and constant barrage of enemies. While you may not see the point of killing countless bad guys, the objective is to stay alive as long as possible while simultaneously piling up huge combo scores.

The two multiplayer modes are “Team Fox Hunt” and “ Team Fox Objective". The Fox hunt mode will pit the two teams against each other with one member of the each team designated the ‘fox’. Whoever protects their fox will win the match. During Fox Objective, the same principle concept is there, but the team is to attempt to sneak the ‘fox’ into their opponent’s base.

It’s nice to see innovative multiplayer options in a shooter. We are excited to see what other modes Bizarre decides to include, so stick with PSU for any further information.