Burnout Legends Cheats

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Unlock all cars

At the main menu, enter the following code: Triangle, Circle, X, Square, Up, Down, Triangle.

Compact series Unlockables

Unlockable    How to Unlock

Assassin compact    Awarded at 15 takedowns
Compact cop             Awarded for bronze in silver lake or airport T1 & T2 pursuit
Dominator compact    Awarded at 10.000 burnout points
Gangster legend    Awarded for gold in palma bay legend face-off
Legend compact    Awarded for gold in interstate loop legend face-off
Tuned compact    Awarded for 5 gold medals
random Compact collector    Awarded for gold in silver lake eliminator

Muscle series Unlockables

Unlockable    How to Unlock
Assassin muscle    Awarded at 30 takedowns
Classic legend    Awarded for gold in big sure shore legend face-off
Dominator muscle    Awarded at 25.000 burnout points
Ledgend j-muscle    Awarded for gold in airport 1+2 legend face-off
Muscle cop    Awarded for bronze in harbour town or sunrise valley pursuit
Randome Muscle collector    Awarded for gold in harbour town eliminator
Tuned muscle    Awarded for 20 gold medals

Special Vehicles

Play through the game on World Tour.
Unlockable    How to Unlock
Cop Racer    Get Gold in all Pursuit events.
Firetruck    Get Gold on all Crash Events.
Gangster Boss    Get Gold in all Race events.

Sports series Unlockables

Unlockable    How to Unlock
Dominator Sports    Awarded at 100.000 burnout points

Track Mirror Mode

Collect all Legend Face-Off cars to unlock mirror mode (left-right reflected tracks) in single event.

Unlock Assassin Cars

Unlockable    How to Unlock

Assassin Compact Car    Get 15 Takedowns
Assassin Coupe Car     Get 60 Takedowns
Assassin Muscle Car    Get 30 Takedowns
Assassin Sports Car     Get 100 Takedowns
Assassin Super Car     Get 150 Takedowns

Unlocking Heavy Weight Vehicles

Unlockable    How to Unlock

4WD Heavy-Duty    $10,000,000 in crash mode
4WD Racer    $2.000,000 in crash mode
B-Team Van    $15,000,000 in crash mode
City Bus    $70,000,000 in crash mode
Delivery Truck    $20,000,000 in crash mode
Heavy Pick-Up    $1,000,000 in crash mode
Longnose Cab    $50,000,000 in crash mode
SUV Deluxe    $5,000,000 in crash mode
Tractor Cab    $30,000,000 in crash mode
Trash Truck    $90,000,000 in crash mode

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