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PS3 Slim
PlayStation 3 Slim
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August 24th, 2009
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September 1st, 2009
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0 of 1166 Games
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Thinner version of Sony's PlayStation 3

About PS3 Slim

At GamesCom in Cologne, Germany, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. unveiled the new PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system, featuring a streamlined form factor with a 120GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD).



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The hardware is as good as ever and the software library is now comprehensive, but when you can pick up a Slim for less than this new model, it's hard to recommend it just for a few styling changes.

We like

  • The performance of the Superslim is as good as any PS3 model and there's a mass of games to now choose from
  • Smaller size means you'll have more space in your TV cabinet
  • Large 500GB harddrive is perfect for the mass of games, movies and music that you'll want to store.

We dislike

  • Top loading tray is flimsy and feels clunky to use
  • It's more expensive than the Slim, yet feels like you're getting less value for money.

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The new PlayStation 3 Superslim sports a retro look. The matte black finish on the grooved panel running across the top of the console reminds us of the Atari 2600, while the top loading disc drive brings back memories of playing Sonic CD on the redesigned Sega CD in the early 90s. Weighing just 4.6lb (2.1kg), the Super Slim is three pounds lighter than the PS3 Slim and is approximately 20 percent smaller and thinner than pre...

PS3 Slim News

  • Could Sony release an even slimmer PS3 model?

    Sony hasn’t ruled out the possibility of further trimming down the PlayStation 3 to something even more compact and affordable. While nothing has been confirmed outright, Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Worldwide Studios, did let slip that the company is always looking at ways to tweak th...

  • PS3's rumored Cloud deal to offer PS2, PSOne titles?

    GI is reporting that the rumored cloud gaming service deal between Sony and Gaikai will allow users to stream PlayStation 2 and PSOne content to their PlayStation 3. Sources claim that the service will make available first-party games and will also give third-party developers the opportunity to s...

  • European PSN update; September 7, 2011

    Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has lobbed a fresh batch of content over the region’s PlayStation Store for another week. See below for a full list of updates. - - - - - - - - - PlayStation Store (via PS3, PSP and Media Go) PlayStation Plus Content     * Plan...

  • Will you buy the new Xbox 360-styled controller for your PS3?

    We’re very happy with our DualShock 3 controller for PlayStation 3, but it seems that others maybe aren’t so keen. Talking with Speedlink at GamesCom 2011, we discovered that the peripheral manufacturer is on the verge of releasing a curious new product, the XEOX Wireless gamepad for ...

  • Gamescom 2011: PlayStation 3D TV coming to Europe this fall

    Sony’s announced that its PlayStaiton 3D TV, previously announced at E3 back in June, will be released in Europe this fall priced at 499 Euros. The swanky piece of kit will come packaged with two pairs of 3D glasses, and aims to provide punters with an affordable introduction to the world o...

  • Management shake-up at Sony Computer Entertainment as Hirai steps down

    Kaz Hirai, Sony Computer Entertainment International's CEO since 2007, will step down from his role from September 1, 2011. Andrew House, current President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe will take over the position, with executive vice-president of SCEE stepping into the European role...

  • PS3 160GB price drop spurs on high demand in UK

    Price cuts in the U.K. of the PlayStation 3 160GB SKU have spurred rumours this week that Sony is clearing shelves to phase out that particular model, but the company claims that it’s just aggressive pricing by retailers. Demand of the 160GB SKU at GAME, who has priced the console at just &...

  • LulzSec members land at Anonymous claims Tweet

    Notorious hacktivist group, LulzSec, who have made headlines recently for attacking a number of high profile corporations and gaming websites, may have announced their retirement from cyber terrorism in the last few days, but reports today suggest that the war is far from over. Infamous hacking gro...

  • PSN attacked because "we tried to protect IP" says Sony

    Sony CEO Howard Stringer has spoken out about the recent attack on the PlayStation Network, apologizing for the security breach in which hackers accessed data from 100 million user accounts. "We are sorry for any concern or any inconvenience that the incident may have caused on shareholders, c...

  • Core gamers vs. digital gamers: NPD data reveals times are changing

    A new report by the stat-gathering company, NPD, reveals that digital gamers are playing games almost as much as core gamers. In a U.S. survey sent out to 8214 gamers, the report reveals that digital gamers spend 16 hours a week gaming, while core gamers spend 18 hours a week. The report also sta...

PS3 Slim Features

  • How to create, upload and download a PS3 Theme

    Did you know that PlayStation Universe hosts one of the largest collections of PS3 Themes on the web? We have a dedicated Theme section on the site specifically for uploading and browsing through hundreds of creations. Furthermore, all themes can be downloaded directly from the browser of your PS3 a...

  • Editorial: How Sony mishandled the PSN Crisis

    [Editor’s Note: We encourage you to submit articles to our editors for home page consideration. Steven Chaffin (SchaffinOSX), an active member of our community, is the author of this editorial.] At the time of writing, Sony Computer Entertainment is currently in the process of combating va...

  • PSU wants you to help develop our first video game

    Have you ever dreamed of creating the next great video game? Do you stay awake all night sketching environments or writing the dialogue for the next greatest cast of characters? Well, PSU wants you to join us in creating our first ever video game. If you are a faithful PSU community member, y...

  • Editorial: Slim model puts Sony in best position since PS3 launch

    Let’s get this off our chest right away – Sony’s unveiling of the PlayStation 3 Slim, quite frankly, could not have come at a better time. As the company itself recently conceded, fiscal 2008 proved a decidedly stormy period for the platform holder, despite offering a substantial 2...

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