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A hearty fighter that sticks to its guns for a grand old time

We like

  • Beautiful graphics and animations
  • Competitive online modes
  • Intense and glorious sound effects

We dislike

  • A lot of the same in terms of core gameplay mechanics
  • Unimpessive soundtrack

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(continued from previous page) ...them even have war conflicts going on. The animations are smooth, and even the lip synching is pretty accurate in accordance to the delivered dialogue. Impact sounds are almost graphic, and they're glorious; unless you're the receiver. The soundtrack sort of takes a back seat to the action, but that's to be expected, what with all of the loud fighting noises and the perpetuated foul language by those, mainly myself, who suck against Nightmare.

Soul Calibur V doesn't take many chances, which is both good and bad. The gaming market is slow at present, so it doesn't have much competition. Still, even though this game looks and plays superb, it will probably be put back on the shelf when the Next Big Thing comes along, which is unfortunate. The story is short and sweet, spanning 20 episodes, and the Global Colosseo is a very inviting way to meet up with fellow gamers and beat the tar out of each other. Outside of that, it only gives gamers another Trophy set and another polished fighting game to play. However, this thought shouldn't be taken as a hindrance to pick up this game, on account of it being so beautiful, so invigorating, and so challenging; challenging, as SC is much more a defensive game than a button-mashing offensive one. To counteract my statement a few sentences back, one could easily dedicate hours and hours into perfecting each character and making any opponent look like a complete tool without even hitting triangle, square, or circle.

It'd be hard, and require a lot of discipline and practice, and luck in my case, but it's possible. This is a good time for Soul Calibur V to launch, and it thoroughly deserves any time that anyone is willing to give it.

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    Release date (US):
    January 31st, 2012
    Project Soul
    Fighting - One on One
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