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  • Posted July 11th, 2012 at 18:35 EDT by Don Oliveira

We’ve made a few changes to our forums, the place where our community discusses the most “hardcore” – for lack of a better term – topics in the land of PlayStation, as well as all other platforms. 

If you use our forums, then you’ll be happy to know that we’ve made the following changes (see below) to layout and structure. We felt things needed to get cleaner, faster, and tidier.

If you don’t use our forums, then take a second to register and stop missing out on the original PlayStation community's topics and discussions. We know PlayStation, they know PlayStation. That’s why works.

Here are a list of recent changes:

 - New PS3 Games Subforums: Metal Gear Series, The Last of Us

 - - Podcast Derailed is now a Subforum. Feel free to discuss any episodes, tell stories, or ask questions!

 - Contest and Giveaway thread renamed - Win Here! PSU contests and giveaways

 - PSU Announcements moved to ‘Welcome to PSU’ section

 - [Other Gaming] section completely reorganized

 - We’ve officially launched the “PS4” Forum. Thread name is subject to change in the future, depending on what Sony decides on for a name.

 - New forum, Fanboy Throwdown, will let you talk up your favorite games and compare them to others. We won’t let things get too crazy, but regardless, this thread is for the “lulz” only; don’t take things too seriously here.

We’ll keep on updating things from here on out, and we hope you enjoy these new areas for discussion. If you have any other ideas for our forum or community, please contact our community manager, Cuguy, at

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