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Neither Monster Hunter nor Dark Souls--but a great combination of the two.

We like

  • Full, challenging experience
  • Simplistic, engrossing leveling/enhancing system
  • Innovative use of companions with other players

We dislike

  • Deceiving auto-save function
  • No fast-travel
  • Some issues with companion compliance

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(continued from previous page) ...but every non-player character has a voice actor. Even pawns and companions have a full collection of diverse phrases, which initially feel quite repetitive and annoying when they say the same things constantly. After the first few hours, when the game starts getting much more challenging, the voice prompts become welcome commodities, warning you of potential ambushes, looted items, and mid-battle strategies.

Cutscenes were a welcoming asset to Dragon’s Dogma. They weren’t explosively great by any means, but they helped to create some personality without getting preachy. To compare it loosely, I was better able to connect with the story in Dragon’s Dogma better than I was able to connect with the story in Skyrim simply because the game directed me via cutscenes to emphasize what was important rather than assume that I would pay full attention to every random guy, or dragon, that came my way. This isn’t bashing, mind you, since the main story line in Skyrim was pretty epic. I simply found that cutscenes have more of an impact to the plot; to iterate, the rare cutscenes in Skyrim really brought home what was happening for me.

This will not be a full replacement for anyone who wants a Monster Hunter experience, but Dragon’s Dogma definitely has what it takes to become a deep, highly-sought IP. Its difficulty matches that of Dark Souls and its immersive world mimics that of Skyrim, but the drawbacks are vicious and taxing. Having a full group of characters created by fellow players of Dragon’s Dogma feels really unique, since no single group can easily be mimicked, but it doesn’t help that the consequences of navigating an entire world can be wiped away because of one simple mistake. High risk and high reward are all part of this game, and the consequences can easily be outweighed by micromanaging. Oh, and save your game often often.


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