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Resident Evil 4 HD
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September 20th, 2011
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September 20th, 2011
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M [Mature]
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0 of 1166 Games
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Also on iPhone, PC, PS2, X360, Wii and GameCube

About Resident Evil 4 HD

Six years have passed since Raccoon City was destroyed and the government has dismantled the Umbrella Corporation from the inside-out. But the terror is not over. Now a U.S. Agent, former Raccoon Police Officer Leon Kennedy has been dispatched on a mission to Europe to save the President's daughter from a "crazed organization" that bares a striking behavioral resemblance to creatures found in the Arklay Mountains. Is there a connection between these foes and the horrible nightmares from the past?



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A gripping, action-packed horror shooter chock full of intense gunplay, thrilling set-pieces and plenty of content under the hood.

We like

  • Action-packed and satisfying combat
  • Awesome boss battles and eye-popping set-pieces
  • Heaps of unlockable content and great replay value

We dislike

  • Shoddy sound effects
  • Some horrendous textures
  • Underwhelming puzzles

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Being a Resident Evil fan pre-2005 was a relatively satisfying, if somewhat predictable existence. For the majority of followers, it wasn’t exactly hard to second guess Capcom’s next effort: an inevitable viral outbreak, poor innocents becoming mindless walking corpses, and an armed-to-the-teeth hero heroine slogging through yet another nightmare. In terms of gameplay evolution, only a few incremental upgrades...

Resident Evil 4 HD News

  • Resident Evil 4 HD launch trailer unleashed

    Capcom’s lifted the cloth on a blood-drenched Resident Evil 4 HD launch trailer for your viewing pleasure. Check it out below. The classic horror romp arrived on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live in the U.S. yesterday, and launched in PAL regions earlier today. Check out our review here to se...

  • New Resident Evil 4 HD shots unveiled

    Capcom’s unearthed a grisly batch of new Resident Evil 4 HD screenshots for you to gawp at. Check out a couple of images below, and then mosey on down to our RE4 HD gallery to view the rest. The acclaimed horror outing hits PlayStation Network in the U.S. today, and will arrive in Europe tomo...

  • Capcom prices RE4, Code: Veronica X HD for Europe

    High definition horror outings Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Code: Veronica X will set you back £15.99/€19.99 each for the U.K. and Europe respectively, Capcom has announced. While both games have yet to attract a release date for PAL regions, Capcom previously confirmed that RE4 H...

  • Resident Evil 4, RE: Code Veronica X HD images unveiled

    Capcom’s unleashed a bunch of blood-soaked screenshots for its upcoming HD revamps of Resident Evil Code: Veronica X and Resident Evil 4 for your consumption. Have a gander at a teaser shot from each game below, then head on over to our RE4/Code: Veronica X galleries to view the full batch....

Resident Evil 4 HD Features

  • PS3's goriest death scenes

    Blood and gore in videogames has been perennial controversy for as long as I can remember, ever since Mortal Kombat stepped into the limelight way back in the early 90s. Back then, not much could get past the censors; remember when the SNES version of MK had the blood removed? Or Joseph Frost’...

  • 5 must-have PS3 HD remakes

    One of the latest trends in today’s gaming landscape is the introduction of high-definition remakes. Let’s face it, companies know that nostalgia sells, and the prospect of slipping on those rose-tinted specs with the added bonus of a HD makeover is far too tantalizing an opportunity for...

  • In the Spotlight: Leon S. Kennedy

    Few characters in the Resident Evil franchise have imprinted themselves on the consciousness of gamers as Leon S. Kennedy, co-star of Resident Evil 2 alongside Claire Redfield and all-out action hero of the evolutionary Resident Evil 4. Since arriving on the scenes back in 1998, we’ve seen Ken...

  • Badass Bosses: El Gigante

    Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 has garnered a reputation for offering some of the most memorable bosses in the illustrious horror franchise to date. From the water-bound leviathan Del Lago to the near-invincible, alien-like Verdugo, RE4 packs some truly memorable – and more importantly, divers...

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