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The Amazing Spider-Man
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June 26th, 2012
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June 29th, 2012
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T [Teen]
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About The Amazing Spider-Man

An all-new Spider-Man is poised to bring the action back to New York City as Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc., and Marvel Entertainment, LLC announce The Amazing Spider-Mam video game, planned to launch summer 2012 tied to Sony Picture Entertainment's upcoming feature film of the same name. Created as an epilogue story occurring entirely after the events of the movie, the game features the return of free-roaming web-slinging all over the city and evolutionary improvements to navigation and combat, as the newly anointed Spider-Man is plunged into an all-new storyline charged with protecting Manhattan from a variety of criminals.



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The Spider-Man game franchise has long been a series that gamers have always thought should work, but it rarely has. The third attempt from Beenox, but first attempt at an open world version, shows some promise, but it has a lot of cracks along the way.

We like

  • Sound sound sound
  • Swinging, while restricted can still be fun
  • Batman style combat

We dislike

  • Restrictions on swinging in the city
  • All stealth action
  • The sheer amount of collectables

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The Spider-Man games have always enamored me; the concept is fantastic--swinging around a city in a fanciful way, beating up thugs in the streets, and swinging some more. Even though the idea for the Spider-Man games has been great, the execution hasn’t always been there. The past few games in the line have been picked up by Activision studio Beenox, and haven't been open world. Does the team have what it takes to ma...

The Amazing Spider-Man News

  • The Amazing Spider-Man DLC detailed

    Superhero title The Amazing Spider-Man will be supported by four post-launch content packs, Sony has confirmed via the U.S. PlayStation Blog. First up is the Lizard Rampage Pack, which lets you control The Lizard in a mission that sees gamers attempting to stop Oscorp from unleashing a cross-spec...

  • Beenox: Amazing Spider-Man's 'contents in the city evolve over time'

    Brant Nicholas talked with PlayStation Universe about how its rendition of Manhattan in Amazing Spider-Man will be an evolving, dynamic metro hub. Spider-Man looks to have his hands full in Beenox' Manhattan with car chases, petty crimes, stand-offs, photo-based missions, and side missions. Open-wo...

  • Beenox: Web Rush was 'a blast to create, but a ton of work'

    Brant Nicholas, Executive Producer at Beenox, spoke with PlayStation Universe about the Web Rush mode in its upcoming title Amazing Spider-Man. Nicholas spoke on the difficulty the development team faced with the Web Rush mode and what the team wanted with Amazing Spider-Man: "We saw all of th...

  • Sneak Peek: Here's what's coming to PSN on June 26

    Every Tuesday, great new content drops on the North American PlayStation Store. But you don't have to wait until then to find out what's coming! Check our list of confirmed content for June 26 below: PlayStation Plus **Full Game Trials - Uncharted, Uncharted 2 New Games **Order Up! (PS3) **The ...

  • The Amazing Spider-Man black and red suit comparison, which do you prefer?

    When we think of Spider-Man it usually conjures up images of the agile superhero crawling up the side of a skyscraper in his trademark blue and red suit, but anyone who has ever watched Spider-Man 3 will know that he traded it in for a while for a black suit with a white spider design. Fans of the ...

  • Stan Lee is a playable character in The Amazing Spider-Man

    The man who created most of your favorite Marvel heroes, Stan Lee, is a fully playable character in Activision upcoming movie tie-in, The Amazing Spider-Man. There is, however, a catch: Stan Lee will only be available as pre-order DLC at launch.  Pre-order through GameStop or Amazon befor...

  • Watch The Amazing Spider-Man being played with Move

    As previously revealed, Beenox is bringing PlayStation Move support to the PS3 version of Activision’s upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man game, a tie-in (sequel) to the movie of the same name. Executive Producer at Beenox, Brant Nicholas, takes the time to talk about the PS Move integration seen...

  • The Amazing Spider-Man will support PlayStation Move

    According to iWaggle3D, who spotted the game’s box art on Amazon, Activision’s The Amazing Spider-Man will feature PlayStation Move support.  The box art, posted below, features the Move compatible logo at the top right of what is now confirmed to be the final version of the offici...

  • The Amazing Spider-Man looks, sounds good in dubstep action montage

    Activision today released a new trailer for the wall-crawler’s next game, The Amazing Spider-Man. Set to be released this summer alongside the movie, this new game developed by Beenox bring the video game franchise back to the open-world style of gameplay. Catch Spidey swinging, punching, and...

  • The Amazing Spider-Man crawls to stores in June, Rhino revealed in trailer

    Activision today confirmed to Game Informer that The Amazing Spider-Man -- Beenox’s return to the open-world formula -- will be released on June 26. As previously reported, The Amazing Spider-Man will not only be a movie tie-in, but an epilogue as well. The game, however, will be arrivin...

The Amazing Spider-Man Features

  • Review Roundup: The Amazing Spider-Man

    Activision and Beenox have been touting the return to open-world glory that is The Amazing Spider-Man, a movie tie-in game that attempts to break the boundaries of wall-crawling games before it. If you’re curious to see what this new reboot has to offer, then check out a few reviews we’...

  • Beenox interview: Web Rush, open world experience, combat and Bruce Campbell

    PlayStation Universe spoke with Brant Nicholas, Executive Producer at Beenox, about some of the biggest aspect of its upcoming game Amazing Spider-Man. From the Web Rush mode, to the combat system, and Beenox' first open-world game, we spread our questions across a diverse spectrum to learn exactly ...

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