Beenox: Web Rush was ‘a blast to create, but a ton of work’

Brant Nicholas, Executive Producer at Beenox, spoke with PlayStation Universe about the Web Rush mode in its upcoming title Amazing Spider-Man.

Nicholas spoke on the difficulty the development team faced with the Web Rush mode and what the team wanted with Amazing Spider-Man: "We saw all of the awesome things that Spider-Man can do when swinging around in the city in the movies, and we wanted to find some way to put that same level of agility and extreme acrobatics into the hands of the players." Being a fan of Spider-Man, it’s very exciting to hear that Beenox has worked hard to make this new game a true Spider-Man experience. 

Nicholas went on to talk about how difficult it was to integrate the Web Rush mode into the game: "The hardest aspects of creating the Web Rush was identifying the huge variety of animations required to handle every condition of whatever the player could choose to do." Nicholas talked about how each new addition to the game required a new animation and situation for the Web Rush mode, which made it that much more difficult and equally rewarding.

We’ve seen some pretty promising Spider-Man games that have falled a bit short of expectations, but Beenox is definitely pushing toward the full monty of Spider-Man experiences. Amazing Spider-Man releases June 26 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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