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3D Platformer
Release Date (US):
November 19th, 2013
Release Date (UK):
November 22nd, 2013
Online Players:
Media Molecule
Sony Computer Entertainment
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0 of 1166 Games
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0 of 0 Games
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Exclusive to PS Vita.

About Tearaway

A brand new IP from Media Molecule, developers behind the acclaimed LittleBigPlanet series. Tearaway is set in a paper-crafted world, with gamers tasked with helping a character named Iota, who must reach the 'real world' to deliver you a message.



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Tearaway is a brilliant mix of creativity, stunning visuals and joyous platforming. Make no mistake - this is PS Vita's must-have game.

We like

  • Stunning visuals
  • Fantastic use of PS Vita's unique control functions
  • Solid platforming with some nice side activities

We dislike

  • A bit on the short side
  • Dull combat

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PlayStation Vita has needed that quintessential system seller pretty much since day-one, and with Media Molecule’s Tearaway, Sony’s flagging handheld has finally got its must-have title. Sure, Uncharted and Killzone: Mercenary are certainly worth buying a Vita for, but Tearaway takes things to a new level -- this is something you’re only going to experience on Vita, and has been tailor made from the ground up...

Tearaway News

  • U.S. PlayStation Store Holiday Flash Sale now live, includes Tearaway and more

    The U.S. PlayStation Store Holiday Flash Sale went live yesterday and includes some of 2013's recent hits from Call of Duty: Ghosts to Tearaway. The lineup includes deals on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita games, with the best deals reaching 50% price reductions. The Holiday Flas...

  • Tearaway launch trailer prepares you for PS Vita's vibrant new platformer

    Sony has released the official launch trailer for Media Molecule’s Tearaway. Check it out below. The platform title sees gamers controlling a messenger named Iota (or the female variation Atoi) across a stunning papercraft world known as Valleyfold. Along the way, the player, known ...

  • Tearaway PS Vita bundle announced

    Sony has lifted the wraps off a new PlayStation Vita bundle featuring Media Molecule’s Tearaway. The pack includes a Wi-Fi PS Vita, a copy of the papercraft platform title, a 16GB SD memory card and LittleBigPlanet Vita. The bundle carries an RRP of £139.99. Tearaway itself will be...

  • New Tearaway images showcase PS Vita's most original title to date

    PlayStation Vita’s Tearaway has been given the screenshot treatment following its appearance at Sony’s Gamescom presentation yesterday evening. Check out the latest shots on the Media Molecule platformer in our gallery here. Tearaway is scheduled to ship for PS Vita in North Amer...

  • Tearaway suffers minor delay, is now in final stages of development

    Media Molecule has announced a minor delay for upcoming PlayStation Vita-exclusive platformer, Tearaway. Originally due in mid-October, the game will now ship for Sony’s portable games console on November 22. Tearaway is now in the final stages of development. Writing on the EU PlayStat...

  • E3 first look at Media Molecule's Tearaway for PS Vita

    Today in an interview with Media Molecule, IGN got its hands on Media Molecule's creative forays on the PlayStation Vita, a lighthearted game that takes advantage of all the handheld's features to create the kind of vibrant universe we have come to expect from the creators of LittleBigPlanet. Takin...

  • New Tearaway images are stunning

    Sony has released some paper-thin images of upcoming PlayStation Vita adventure Tearaway. Check them out in our gallery here. Developed by Media Molecule, Tearaway takes inspiration from graphics artists Rex Crowle, and follows a messenger tasked with delivering some important info to you, t...

  • Tearaway pre-orders beating Grand Theft Auto V, The Last of Us, others at ShopTo

    PlayStation Vita sales figures might not be at the levels Sony's hoping for, but Jim Ryan and co. can take comfort that a couple key PS Vita titles are in extremely high demand. The first is Tearaway, a darling platformer from Media Molecule of LittleBigPlanet fame. The Guildford-based studio's PS ...

  • Tearaway release date and cover art revealed

    Media Molecule has unveiled the final cover art and release date for its wildly creative PlayStation Vita platformer, Tearaway. In Tearaway, players guide iota--or female counterpart atoi--through papercraft worlds that react to your tactile input. Bridges can be unfurled, holes can be poked, and s...

  • Media Molecule speaks on mystery game: 'There's exciting things happening in the studio', we'll learn more 'soonish'

    While the exact nature of Media Molecule's unannounced mystery game (possibly teased earlier today) is unknown, PSU has exclusively learned that the studio is prepared to talk about their next title soon. At a private press event in Hollywood several days ago, I was fortunate enough to speak at len...

Tearaway Features

  • Opinion: PS Vita deserves more games like Tearaway, fewer console ports

    Many PS Vita owners have spent the holidays playing Tearaway, enjoying some of the best gameplay Sony's handheld has to offer. For readers yet to play it, the demo comes highly recommended, as does the full game. Hopefully, the critical success of Media Molecule’s latest serves as a call to ac...

  • E3 2013 Awards - Best PS Vita Game

    With 85 PlayStation Vita games in development, owners of Sony’s handheld are going to have a diverse range of titles to choose from that span across multiple genres before the end of the year. Media Molecule’s quirky and inventive adventure platform game is one of them and it&rsqu...

  • Tearaway's origins and the ambitious games that almost were

    Tearaway, the whimsical PS Vita exclusive from Media Molecule, is unlike anything I've ever played. That's a very good thing - the game's paper world and open playgrounds are refreshing indeed - but it's interesting to note how development on this charmer began. Yesterday, I had the chance to sit do...

  • LBP, Tearaway dev stresses the need for new ideas in gaming, calls Journey the 'best experience ever'

    It's no surprise that Surrey-based first-party developer Media Molecule is a fan of "new." The company's debut effort, LittleBigPlanet, introduced the world to an unprecedented kind of creation-based gaming and sharing. Meanwhile, upcoming PlayStation Vita-exclusive Tearaway looks to bridg...

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