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Darksiders II
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August 26th, 2012
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August 26th, 2012
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Vigil Games
M [Mature]
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0 of 1166 Games
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Also on Wii U, PC and Xbox 360.

About Darksiders II

Darksiders II follows the exploits of Death, one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, in a weaving tale that runs parallel to the events in the original Darksiders game. This epic journey propels Death through various light and dark realms as he tries to redeem his brother War, the horseman who was blamed for prematurely starting the Apocalypse in Darksiders. Featuring a dramatically larger world, full weapon and armor upgrade systems as well as bigger and more challenging dungeons and vast array of new enemies and bosses, Darksiders II strives to improve on every aspect of the original hit.



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Darksiders II is an exhilarating action-RPG set in an enormous game world. Featuring an addictive loot system, tons of side quests, and rich gameplay, Darksiders II easily deserves a spot alongside the other greats of the genre.

We like

  • Fun combat and combos
  • The loot system is highly addicting
  • The enormous and engaging game world

We dislike

  • The camera issues
  • Some minor visual glitches
  • Average narrative

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If 2010’s Darksiders was successful by borrowing ideas from gaming’s greatest franchises, then the sequel is an even greater success if only because it perfects some of those tried and trusted ideas. It’s a hodgepodge of exhilarating third-person combat set in an enormous world where giant “Makers” call the shots, new weapons and armor almost always boost your character’s stats, and every du...

Darksiders II News

  • [UPDATE]Darksiders 3 teased by former creative director

    UPDATE Nordic Games has issued a statement on the matter: “With regards to Darksiders 3: of course we’ve always been busy in the background, talking to a lot of former team members about a continuation of the series, but we are not ready to announce anything officially. Joe Madureira i...

  • Crytek USA aiming to buy Darksiders IP

    Not long ago, Crytek said it had no current interest in the Darksiders franchise, but now the U.S. arm of the developer has expressed interest in the brand. Some may know that the new company was formed from the ashes of ex-Vigil staff and is headed by the studio's former boss. If anything, it see...

  • THQ to sell Darksiders, Red Faction and more IPs by May

    THQ Inc. today announced it will sell some of its remaining IPs via a court-supervised sale process. This comes a month after THQ sold the majority of its studios and games currently in development as part of its Chapter 11 case. Big titles were auctioned off but there were some that remained. T...

  • New Darksiders II DLC out this week

    Publisher THQ has confirmed that The Demon Lord Belial, the third expansion pack for Darksiders II, will be released on PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE and PC from today. Specifically, the DLC will hit the U.S. PS Store today and will arrive in Europe as part of tomorrow’s weekly update. Xbo...

  • Pachter: Darksiders II 'struggling' to hit 2 million target

    Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has suggested that Darksiders II is struggling to break even for publisher THQ. The hack-‘n-slash sequel was released in August 2012 and initially appeared to be doing well, with 247,000 units sold within its first fortnight on sale, according to NPD f...

  • Darksiders II DLC Abyssal Forge launches next week

    Darksiders II next week will receive its second piece of downloadable content formerly called Abyssal Forge. The forge that's referenced in the DLC title is described by the developer Vigil as a "living machine," and it has the ability to create the most dangerous and legendary weapons in...

  • Darksiders II DLC screens

    THQ has unveiled a trio of Darksiders II screenshots for you to feast your eyes on, highlighting the hack-‘n-slash sequel’s Argul’s Tomb DLC. Available in the U.S. today on PlayStation Network, PC and Xbox LIVE and in Europe tomorrow, Argul’s Tomb features two new dungeons...

  • Darksiders II Argul's Tomb DLC dated

    The first chunk of downloadable content for Darksiders II, Argul’s Tomb, will be released on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE in the U.S. on September 25, THQ has confirmed. European gamers will get the content pack as part of next week’s PlayStation Store update – Wednesday, S...

  • August NPD: Darksiders II rules the roost

    The latest NPD data has confirmed that Darksiders II topped the U.S. software charts for August 2012, shifting 247,000 copies across PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Last month proved pretty successful for Nintendo 3DS, with two exclusives in the top five in the form of New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Kin...

  • Former Darksiders 2 developer not credited for work on title

    Xander Davis, former employee of Darksiders 2 Vigil Games, spoke out about the lack of credit that he received for his work on Darksiders 2. Via Davis' Twitter page, Davis brought to light the "price game devs pay" in order to make games. He told the heads of Vigil Games that the previous...

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