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September 10th, 2013
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September 10th, 2013
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SCE Japan Studio
Sony Computer Entertainment
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Exclusive to PlayStation 3.

About Puppeteer

Developed by SCE Japan Studio, Puppeteer revolves around a young boy transported to a mysterious world where he is transformed into a puppet. Here, he subsequently has his head bitten off and arms himself with a pair of scissors to battle against foes in an attempt to return to normality.



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The fellows at Sony have created a unique experience in Puppeteer that's deserving of a franchise label. With a little work, the heroic antics of Kutaro and his Excalibur scissors Calibrus can make this cult-following title into a sequel-worthy one.

We like

  • Healthy, vast influential combinations
  • Calibrus diversifies platforming
  • Overzealous narrative is entertaining

We dislike

  • Minimal replay value
  • Borderline repetitive gameplay
  • Collecting heads: lost opportunity

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The initial appeal of Puppeteer mimics that of LittleBigPlanet, which, in its own right, is one of the first games since to seemingly attempt a similar style to Media Molecule’s giant franchise. After moving past the main menu, we learn that Puppeteer is almost nowhere near what LBP has done--which is a good thing, in this case. The initial intrigue of something completely different opens up to you once Puppeteer begins ...

Puppeteer News

  • PS3's Puppeteer shines in Famitsu review

    The latest issue of Japanese gaming bible Famitsu has turned up a near-perfect score for Sony’s PlayStation 3-exclusive Puppeteer. Developed by SCE Studio Japan, the platformer came away with a score of 9/9/9/9 from the mag’s editors, awarding it 36/40. Also turning heads was Kill...

  • New Puppeteer trailer features unique scissors mechanic

    Sony has released a new video showcasing the various titles produced by its Japan studio, including Shadow of the Colossus, ICO, and of course, the forthcoming Puppeteer. Check it out below. Puppeteer is directed by Gavin Moore of The Getaway and Siren: Blood Curse fame, and will be releas...

  • Puppeteer demo coming to European PS3s with no strings attached

    PlayStation Blog reported yesterday that gamers in Europe can expect to see a full demo for the highly anticipated platformer Puppeteer "prior to launch." No details are given beyond that as to when we can expect to see the demo’s release, but we are promised that it will “offe...

  • E3 ViDiary: Does the PS3's side-scrolling platformer Puppeteer make the cut?

    Earlier in the month, PSU posted an abundance of E3 videos for the PS3-exclusive platformer Puppeteer, a game reminiscent of LittleBigPlanet and created by SCE Japan Studio.  Scheduled to release September 10, 2013 for $39.99, PSU's U.S. Managing Editor Kyle Prahl got the pleasure of playing Pu...

  • New E3 trailer released for PS3 exclusive side-scroller Puppeteer

    A new E3 trailer appeared on Sony's official PlayStation YouTube account today, featuring SCE Japan Studio's Puppeteer, a side-scrolling platformer PlayStation exclusive that will be hitting store shelves on September 10, 2013 with a $39.99 price tag. The trailer, less than two minutes long, theat...

  • Sony confirms Euro Puppeteer release date

    Sony has super-glued a European release date to Puppeteer, confirming the platformer will be released in PAL regions on September 11. Joystiq previously reported the game would be released on September 10 following its showcase at GDC last week. However, it did not specify which region. Due o...

  • Puppeteer nabs a release date

    Sony Japan’s Puppeteer will be released on September 10, reports Joystiq. News comes following a demo of the fantasy-adventure romp at the Game Developers Conference this week. The title will be released simultaneously on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network. Announced at E3 last year, ...

  • PS3-exclusive Puppeteer gets spooky Halloween trailer

    In celebration of Halloween, Sony Japan has released a new trailer for Puppeteer. The game is a callback to the platformers of yesteryear like Mickey Mania and Gex. In Puppeteer, you control a young boy named Kutaro who has been transformed into a puppet by the Moon Bear King. With your trusty sci...

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