Call of Duty: Ghosts begins with potentially reused scene from Modern Warfare 2

A recent side-by-side comparison of footage from newly released Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 reveals an uncanny commonality between the two first-person shooter titles.

The scene from Modern Warfare 2 takes place at the end of the game, where two soldiers make their way to a helicopter; and the video from Ghosts takes place in chapter one of the game, which reenacts the same event, except the soldiers are making their way to a pick-up truck. Ideally, many games have generated scenes where, under fire, players must make their way to a means of escape like a vehicle or helicopter, but the significance of this comparison is that the actions and movements, and even hand and finger positions, are exactly the same on both. 

Technically, Infinity Ward is doing nothing wrong here, since both titles belong to the first-person shooter developer. However, some players have proclaimed their issues with this discovery, such as that from Youtube user Gerowen, who said:

"They can afford to make some fresh content. They're just trying to juice money out of people by re-packaging the same garbage over and over."

To counter that, Youtube user AdamSunderman had this to say regarding the similarity:

"The script had a scene and this animation fit the bill. They still use the same engine so it doesn't financially make sense to re-animate a scene that is already covered."

The claims are equally valid on both side of the argument, but we at PSU would like to know what you guys think of what may or may not be occuring in the video that we've included below; thoughts from those who have played both single-player modes should definitely chime in regarding this matter.

Thanks, Metro.

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