The Top 100 Games Of The PS3 Generation 21 - 30

With the U.K. launch of the PS4 looming, PSU staff have got together to argue and fight over the definitive top 100 games of the PS3 generation, which includes PSP and Vita titles. It's not quite the end of an era, but it's the perfect time to reflect back on some of the great titles that have graced Sony's black behemoth.

We've already kicked off the top 100. You can check out 91-100 here, 81-90 here, 71-80 here, 61-70 here, 51-60 here, 41-50 here and 31-40 here. Below you can find rankings 21-30.

30. Max Payne 3

Metacritic score - 87

With its unique storytelling, believable main character and exciting shootouts, Max Payne 3 is a prime example of Rockstar's expertise. Max Payne 3 paves the way for future shooters with excellent storytelling and superb animation.

PSU score 9.5, review HERE


29. Beyond: Two Souls

Metacritic score - 70

Beyond: Two Souls is as much an experience as it is a game with a cinematic production to rival Hollywood movies, as well as strong storytelling, solid characters and some brilliant interactive sequences. Without doubt, it’s one of our favorite games of this console generation.

PSU score 9.5, review HERE


28. MotorStorm: Pacific Rift

Metacritic score - 82

After its successful attempt at of road racing, Evolution Studios delivered with Pacific Rift with lush jungles to race through, giant monster trucks to crush your enemies wit,h and one of the most entertaining multiplayers we've played this generation. There is nothing more satisfying than crushing your friends with a monster truck in a middle of an erupting volcano.


27. Batman: Arkham Asylum

Metacritic score - 91

Not only did Rocksteady create a great Batman game, but it also created one of the best action-adventure games of the generation. From its fantastic and innovative combat system to its great stealth mechanics and engaging exploration, Arkham Asylum elevated the action-adventure genre to new heights.


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