Sony E3 2014: PS4 predictions, new game announcements and rumours

  • Posted May 30th, 2014 at 17:08 EDT by PSU Staff

16. Electronic Arts will showcase Mass Effect 4, revealing a brand new name, a short trailer and a release date of 2015. The trailer will show off some brand new races across the series’ typical sci-fi setting. It will look like all the other Mass Effects, albeit a little shinier with great facial animations.

17 Ubisoft will demonstrate Assassins Creed Unity and exclusive PS4 content will be announced. Louis XVI will feature as well as Napolean Bonaparte, and people’s heads will start spinning again as we’re treated to a barrage of historical facts/fantasy amidst explosions and time travel craziness.

18. Battlefield Hardline gets its first major showcase. DICE and Visceral Games will take to the stage to showcase single player and multiplayer gameplay, humouring the fact that the game was leaked ahead of E3 2014. It’s a bold new direction for the series and people will go wild for it. Looking forward to this one.

A massive and exciting change of direction for the Battlefield series

19. From Software’s dark fantasy game Project Beast is revealed as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. The Dark Souls creator will reveal the official name for the title alongside an approximate release date. The game will be a sequel to Demon’s Souls and will be the hardest game ever to be released, bar none.

20. EA reveals more about Mirror’s Edge 2, showcasing a more open-world environment, as well as co-op and multiplayer modes. The physics look outstanding. People will be ducking in the auditorium as the sound of smashing glass echoes all around them.

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