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Uncharted 2 vs. FIFA 12 - The Ultimate PS3 Showdown, Round 2

on 30 July 2012

The Ultimate PS3 Showdown is back, and Round 2 has officially begun! We've narrowed our field of the best PS3 games ever from 32 to 16, and the competition is heating up fast. How do you choose between "amazing" and "amazing"? We don't know, and that's why we're turning to you. Cast your vote in this match-up to decide the Best PS3 Game Ever!


The Contenders:

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

If Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was a great game, then Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was nothing short of spectacular. Nathan Drake's second adventure - equal parts shooting, climbing, and puzzle-solving - topped the first in every way. Bigger action. Thrilling setpieces. A tighter story. Refined controls and shooting took things to the next level and cemented our wise-cracking hero as one of gaming's biggest stars. Who doesn't remember leaping between speeding trucks on an icy mountain road, or scaling the rooftops of Nepal while squaring off against an attack helicopter? These moments, and many, many more, are memorable evidence of Uncharted 2's excellence.


EA's annual soccer franchise has leaped ahead of close competitor Pro Evolution Soccer in recent years, and FIFA 12 it the pinnacle of that achievement. The introduction of new gameplay and physics systems like the Impact Engine, Tactical Defending, and Precision Dribbling revolutionized the degree of control players have over athletes and the soccer ball. These changes were almost universally well-received, and EA's dedication to innovation in a genre prone to stagnation is refreshing. As such, FIFA 12 is one of the greatest sports games ever made. Whether you're a diehard footy nut or just looking for some incredibly polished tactical sports action, FIFA 12 is right up your alley.

Which of these two games deserves to move ever closer to the crown? Cast your votes in the official polling thread, and be sure to vote in all our match-ups to decide the Best PS3 Game Ever!