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DayZ PS4 release - whatever happened to the zombie MMO?

A DayZ PS4 release date still hasn’t been announced, so what exactly has happened to Bohemia’s zombie MMO since 2014?

on 7 February 2017

dayz ps4 release date

Cast your mind back, if you will, to August 2014. At the PlayStation Gamescom presser which took place on the tenth of that month, DayZ creator Dean Hall took the stage to announce that the extremely popular MMO sandbox title would be bound for Sony’s home console and that it would use a new cross-platform renderer that would help to boost the visuals of all versions of the game.

Some two and a half years later and we’ve yet to see anything on the game which begs the question; just what in blazes is going on with DayZ on PS4? Well, the most recent update came in September 2016 where Creative Director at Bohemia Interactive, Brian Hicks, told Eurogamer that despite a working console prototype being fashioned three months earlier in June, the main focus remains the still unfinished PC version of the game because, quite simply, the engine which is intended to be used on all platforms just isn’t finished yet:

“The PC is our flagship platform for DayZ. That is where 99% of our development resources are focused. And while there was a lot of push from Sony and Microsoft to get up on their stages and say ‘yes, we’re coming’, our focus has been exclusively (I want to say exclusively because there’s about a 1% development resource trying to keep those platforms at a point at which, once we get to our beta and our bug fixing, we can start pushing forward on that) on the PC. We can’t really move DayZ over to these platforms, at least on a playable level for consumers, until the base engine, Enfusion, is complete. Or if not complete, feature-complete so to speak – the core tech is there.”

Given how far off a final 1.00 release candidate the developers are, prioritising the PC version of the game makes complete sense. As of writing, the latest build for the PC version of DayZ, which was compiled on February 2nd stands at release 0.61 - a number which should in itself make it obvious how much work lay ahead of the DayZ development team.

dayz zombie shooter

Elsewhere, mentions of the PS4 version of DayZ on the official site for Bohemia Interactive are predictably sparse. Indeed, the console version wasn’t even mentioned in the new year blog entry, while the DayZ forums also provide little or no additional insight as to the current state of the PS4 build of the game.

Compounding the wait and the subsequent frustrations associated with this, is that when DayZ does finally makes an appearance, it will likely do so on Xbox One first, since the game’s early state is something that Microsoft’s Game Preview programme has actively embraced:

“Microsoft has been very eager - I'll say this much - for us to get it on their platform, the Xbox Game Preview programme," says Hicks when pressed on the topic.

Certainly then at the very least, it appears that Mr. Hall was brought on stage to announce something much earlier than perhaps he should have. For now, all we can do is wait with the vague promise that with development supposedly beginning shortly, that we’ll see DayZ this side of 2020. So yeah, DayZ is coming folks, but we’re going to have wait a long time before we can finally get our paws on it and sometime longer still before the PS4 version of the zombie survival sandbox MMO can be considered fully complete and ready for primetime.

DayZ PS4 release date on hold

Outlook: HOPEFUL. DayZ would seem to be still be very much in the cards for PS4 and a DayZ PS4 release date should be incoming at some point, but it’s just going to be a good few years before we get to play it. A matter of ‘when’, rather than ‘if’.