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Resistance: Retribution


Set in the weeks after Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance: Retribution follows the story of former British Marine James Grayson. After a personal tragedy – he is forced to kill his own brother inside a Chimeran conversion center – Grayson goes on a vendetta to destroy every conversion center he can find. Eventually Grayson learns that his efforts have been futile... in Western Europe the Chimera have evolved a new method of converting humans to aliens. The European resistance – the Maquis – enlist Grayson's help, and he joins Cartwright and Parker in Operation Overstrike. The war to retake the European continent has begun.

Game Resistance: Retribution Players 1
Genre Shooter - Third Person Online Players 2-8
Publisher SCEA Developer Bend Studios
Release Date 17 March 2009 Rating M [Mature]
Release Date UK 13 March 2009 PSU Rating 9.0 Read Review
  • PSP
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