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Guitar Hero 5 allows you to integrate anything you have purchased or downloaded previously, and the game's all new enhancements will insert themselves into your old tracks. In GH5, you'll see new game modes like "Party Play" and "RockFest." The latter is a "comprehensive competitive experience," offering new head-to-head modes that can be played online or locally. Did a friend just stop by the party? Instead of starting over or waiting for the track to finish, the Party Play mode allows a player to hop-in or out without stopping the song. Another huge feature is the ability to play with any combination of instruments. That same friend who stopped by doesn't want to sing? Put him on a second drum kit or a third guitar. Early news indicates music from 85 bands will appear, with 30 bands making their Guitar Hero debut. Thankfully, all songs will be unlocked right from the start of the game.

Game Guitar Hero 5 Players 1
Genre Misc - Music / Dancing Online Players
Publisher Activision Developer Neversoft Entertainment
Release Date 1 September 2009 Rating T [Teen]
Release Date UK 1 September 2009 PSU Rating 8.5 Read Review
  • PS3
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Also available on Xbox 360, PS2, and Wii

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