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Home to feature age sensitive content?

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According to the Sony chiefs, PlayStation 3's Home service could contain an 18+ area for trailers and now, Casinos.

"For instance, a casino or even somewhere you can go and see 18-rated trailers for games," Peter Edward, Director of the PlayStation Home Platform Group, said during an interview with ThreeSpeech. "That isn't anything particularly sinister, but obviously, you’d have to prevent 12-year-olds going in there. Obviously, there are other 18-plus areas that you could imagine, but some of those might not come to fruition. But we have the ability to age-protect areas, and I think that’s something that we will inevitably make use of."

With this added feature, 18+ players would be able to watch trailers of games, movies, etc. in the 18+ areas. By controlling age sensetive content, Home will have a better and safer community for all ages.

Source: ThreeSpeech