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Mass Effect 3 features more customisation options

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on 7 February 2012

BioWare has revealed that players can look forward to a wealth of returning customisation options for sci-fi sequel Mass Effect 3.

The previous game was noted for eschewing much of the deeper RPG elements featured in the original Mass Effect, though it now appears the third game will strike an even balance between RPG/shooter genres.

Chatting with CVG, producer Michael Gamble commented: “I wouldn’t say one genre is winning out over another. We just want to tell the best story within the context of an amazing shooter.”

“I think in Mass Effect 3 we’ve actually brought back a lot of the customisation elements that were missing in Mass Effect 2: Weapons, armour, powers – each power now has nine possible ways of evolution."

“Like any transition between games, we want to polish everything,” he concluded.

Mass Effect 3 will bring the curtain down on Commander Shepard’s tale in the epic space saga, and will be released on PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 early next month.