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Overheard @ PAX: Capcom releasing SF 25th Anniversary Bundle, includes all major Street Fighter titles

on 11 April 2012

While wandering the show floor at PAX East 2012, we heard some interesting news at the Capcom booth regarding the fighting game giant’s plans to release a bundle including multiple Street Fighter games to commemorate the series’ 25th anniversary.

The news comes from an employee working at a video booth that allowed fans to step into a glass chamber (shown below) and speak on-camera about their favorite memories throughout the past 25 years of Street Fighter.

When prodded about what exactly the video content would be used for, the employee at the Capcom booth revealed that the fan recordings would be used in a montage contained in a pack-in DVD to be included in a “25th Anniversary Bundle” later this year.

Upon further prodding, the employee exposed that said “25th Anniversary Bundle” – again, coming out later this year – would be a compilation of all major Street Fighter titles. The worker was unsure of precisely which games would be bundled together, however, we wager that Street Fighter 1-4 would be a decently good guess.

Earlier this year, Capcom teased the Street Fighter 25th anniversary by saying they had “big plans for 2012.”