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Blu-ray a necessity, says Killzone 2 developer

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GamePro recently had the opportunity to speak with Steven Ter Heide, Producer of Killzone 2. During their interview, some new details have emerged on the gameplay and even a little was unveiled about the storyline.
Gameplay will have strong ties with environmental conditions, with certain weapons being controlled by various natural events. One example of this is the ARC weapon that has been shown in a demo, which is powered by lightning.

Players will be allowed to jump for the first time in the series, adding a large gameplay mechanic. Leaning and peeking were also mentioned, along with contextual actions throughout the game.

During the interview, Ter Heide mentioned that Blu-ray was not a luxury, but a necessity in a game like Killzone 2, which features levels in excess of 2gb of data.

Multiplayer details were not given, however, it was announced that the game would link up to and the PlayStation Home Network. Presumably, there will also be stat tracking and possible clan support. More on multiplayer to come.

Be sure to check back for further details as they become available.

Source: GamePro