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Skyrim: Dawnguard makes players choose between vampirism and lycanthropy

on 27 June 2012

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim's first expansion Dawnguard features a new level of vampire, but it makes werewolf-active players either remove their lycanthropy for being a vampire or disregard the ability to be a vampire altogether.

As Skyrim natives know, any player that's a werewolf is already immune to the Sanguinare Vampris disease that makes players vampires. So, by proxy, players will not be able to be both a Dawnguard vampire and a werewolf simultaneously.

Though it may sound really lame, it does give players excuses to spend even more time in the Skyrim realm. With all of the Skyrim love throughout the internet, deep down, more time in Skyrim doesn't sound too bad. Still, it's hard to find time for a lot of people. Does this bother any of you in our following? Speculate on why Bethesda should, or shouldn't, allow vampirism and lycanthropy to be played simultaneously.