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Square-Enix employees are paid the best; even better than Sony or Nintendo

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on 28 June 2012

According to Nensyu Lab's top salary chart, the numbers depict Square-Enix employees to be the highest paid in the industry.

The salary chart has SE employees at an average salary figure of 21.68 million yen, which translates into $272,384.40. Especially considering that Sony and Nintendo employees are paid roughly 9.23 million ($116,232.40) and 9.14 million ($115,099.10) respectively, SE employees definitely are paid more generously than the rest of the industry.

It's to be observed, however, that these figures are founded strickly on government filing, so the average pay for SE employees may not be as average as the "average" figure portrays. Still, an average like that means that employees are either paid the same or the pay is incredibly top-heavy.

I know that PlayStation Universe has a lot of fans of old Square-Enix games, and, more specifically, Final Fantasy VII. Does this sort of news bother anyone, or do you guys think that SE employees are doing enough work on enough games to deserve such high salaries?