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Final Fantasy XIII sequel announced, called Lightning Returns

on 31 August 2012

Freshly announced today, Square-Enix detailed the third and final outing for the Final Fantasy XIII series called Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Series director Motomu Toriyama spoke on the subject, and he said that Lightning will be a much stronger character in Lightning Returns than in the other two titles, because this will be her final battle. Toriyama plans on giving players a full experience with Lightning by giving them control of how Lightning looks and plays. As depicted below, the costumes she can utilize will not only make her look different, but they will also give her different abilities.

The plot was vaguely detailed, but Lightning will have thirteen days and thirteen nights to save the world. What makes this element that much more interesting is that the game will play on a timetable, so days will pass naturally in-game instead of based on events themselves.

Another big improvement is that character control will be enhanced. Lightning will now have the ability to hang on and pull up from ledges, jump, and duck behind corners. Even better than that is that players will be able to move her around the battlefield.

This looks like this may be the sequel that fans had wanted from Final Fantasy XIII-2. The changes seem pretty good, but Square-Enix has been somewhat unreliable for a good while. Both fans and haters, let us know if this changes or maintains your stances on the Final Fantasy XIII saga.

Via Kotaku