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Test drive new Corvette C7 prototype with Gran Turismo 5

on 28 November 2012

Polyphony Digital in line with American vehicle company Chevrolet today announced that the new Corvette C7 prototype will be featured as downloadable content on Polyphony Digital's driving simulator.

This collaboration within Gran Turismo 5 will allow players to test the new car in all kinds of intense conditions and maps already featured in the title, and the results collected from this joint project will go into consideration toward the final product. That means that the data players generate by testing this game will either affirm or change aspects of the present prototype that will ultimately become the final product.

The Corvette C7 prototype has been kept under tight wraps for some time, and the official design is still a secret even with this special test event. In fact, the digital version of the vehicle is implemented with a custom-made camouflage used to disguise its exclusive design. Below is a screenshot of the camouflaged vehicle as well as a preview video of the Corvette C7 in action. The Corvette looks to handle well in the video, but taking the reins on such an exquisite vehicle is an experience in itself.

Via PS Blog