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Mobile Billing applies PSN purchases to your mobile phone bill

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on 29 August 2013

Mobile outlets like the Google Play Store allow consumers to either bill their mobile phone account or pay with a credit card, and now Sony has added a similar payment option for all PSN purchases, care of PlayStation Blog.

This new service which is officially called Mobile Billing allows anyone to add money to his or her PSN Wallet by billing the charge to his or her allotted mobile phone service bill. Unfortunately, this service cannot be chosen while actually purchasing anything, but Mobile Billing does allow consumers yet another means of buying content on PSN alongside the more traditional means of credit cards, prepaid cards, and PayPal. Setup of this service can only be done through Account Management on the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita, or it can be done from the official Sony Online Entertainment website.

Stories about kids racking up massive bills on phone games is commonplace, and this might just open doors for that to happen to PlayStation families, so please ensure that, if you choose to pay for games in this manner rather than the traditional way, you're the one who pays the phone bill or you have the okay to place game charges on the phone bill by the person who pays the bill.