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GTA V digital version suffers texture problems, PS3 disc is much better

on 19 September 2013

A new report from Digital Foundry (via Polygon) highlights the wide gap in technical quality between Grand Theft Auto V's retail disc version and the digital copy you buy on the PlayStation Store.

Specifically, a number of texture pop-in issues plague the digital version, while playing GTA V off its retail disc offers a much smoother, visually superior experience. We've been playing the retail disc at PSU Towers, so we hadn't noticed the troubles with GTA V's digital version.

The streaming problems are especially prominent when driving at high speeds. At one point in the video (jump to about the 2:05 mark), Los Santos disappears entirely, only reappearing the player crashes.

Check out the video below, which does a great job explaining and demonstrating the gap. Which version of GTA V did you buy? Have you noticed issues like these? Looking forward to our review? Sound off in the comments below.