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Final Fantasy XIV limited free character transfer announced - check server congestion here

on 2 October 2013

Due to the hindrances and issues that plagued Final Fantasy XIV at launch, Square-Enix has announced through its official forum that one more bonus for bearing with the company and the game: free character transfers.

Many of us were trying to collaborate our efforts so we could be on the same server with friends, and I myself had trouble trying to place my freshly-created character on the server where PlayStation Universe players are stationed. Servers were congested and digital downloads were cut off, but SE began making up to players by giving everyone more free game time and refunds for those who didn't have access to their digital version of FF XIV.  The great news about this announcement is that, once the officially titled World Transfer Service goes live, everyone online will have the opportunity to transfer characters between different servers for the first five days. With PvP, Housing, and Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning FATE coming to FF XIV in the future, this free service, however brief, makes grouping with friends and allies all the more easy; if you're still not convinced, take a look at our review of the acclaimed MMO right here, and meet up with fellow PSU members in our forums who are connected and playing together on the Ultros server.

Players must clean up some loose ends before characters can be transferred. According to the official forum post:

-A single transfer is a one to one transfer from your original World to a single destination World.

-If it's a single destination, you can transfer up to eight characters at once.

-In the event you would like to move character #1 to World A, and character #2 to World B or C, you will have to perform two world transfers.

-You cannot belong to a Free Company (If you do belong to one, please leave the Free Company).

-Make sure the character you wish to transfer is logged out.

-Make sure there are no items being sold on the market boards.

-There will be a limitation on the maximum amount of gil you can bring into the destination World.

The gil limitation might be the most frustrating part to all this, especially for those who have found great profit in crafting, buying, and selling. Certainly, this is a precaution intent on policing against in-game currency sellers as well as reducing the economical impact for each server.

Check which servers are more populated and less populated after the page break.