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PS4 Need for Speed Rivals graphics better than PC version

on 19 October 2013

Next-generation racer Need for Speed: Rivals currently looks better on PlayStation 4 than it does on PC, according to Polygon.

The observation was made whilst the game was being previewed across the two platforms by Polygon’s Samit Sarkar.

“We spent the first part of our session playing the PC version of Rivals, which ran well, with a PlayStation 4 controller,” Sarkar wrote.

“Later, we switched to the PS4 version and were surprised to find a game that looked even more impressive than its PC counterpart, with better texture detail, improved lighting on cars and sharper graphics overall. The PS4 version did suffer from a higher incidence of issues such as parts of the world failing to load, but developer Ghost Games assured us they would have those problems ironed out in time for launch.”

Rivals will take cues from 2010’s Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit with a focus on police chases and giving players the option of being either a racer or cop. This choice dictates challenges and objectives in-game, which may be further influenced by a new featured dubbed, AllDrive, which aims to mesh Rivals' single and multi-player experiences seamlessly.

Players can utilise AllDrive to help (or hinder) others, though an option to turn off the feature completely is available too.

Need for Speed: Rivals releases for PS3 on November 19 worldwide. The game is also scheduled as a launch title for the PS4, releasing on November 22 in North America and November 29 in Europe.

To check out the AllDrive feature in action, click here.