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PS4 is 'really easy to develop for,' says D3 Publisher

on 9 December 2013

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine (via DualShockers) features an interview with an anonymous member of D3 Publisher, who has heaped praise on the PlayStation 4, claiming the system is easy to develop for.

Speaking to the Japanese publication, the mystery man stated that D3’s forthcoming PS4-exclusive, Dream C Club: Host Girls on Stage, will run “super smooth!” on Sony’s new console. Specifically, it’ll clock in at 60fps/1080p.

In addition, while not being involved in coding for PS4 himself, the developer also said the team behind Dream C Club found the hardware “Easy to develop on! Really easy to develop on!”.

If you haven’t already heard about Dream C Club, then we can’t say we blame you. From the look of it, it’s one of those niche Japanese games that will sadly never see the light of day over here.