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Armored Core: for Answer dated in North America

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Armored Core fans only have a little under a month to wait for the next installment into the franchise. In an interview released today by GameSpot, associate producer Kenan Alpay has notified gamers that they can expect Armored Core: for Answer to hit retail shelves come September 16. People looking forward to the title will be glad to know that AC:fA will feature multiple endings depending on your actions and online co-op play.

If this wasn't enough to get you excited or even the least bit interested, Alpay also mentioned that you can expect over 100 new customizable mech parts as well as cross-regional play with everyone around the world. Unfortunately, for some odd reason the Western version of the game will not feature Trophies. Whether they plan on adding this via a patch or not is not certain, but we'll keep you updated.