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inFamous pre-order items revealed

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Pre-order exclusives are beginning to feel as necessary as owning a PlayStation 3 to be able to play inFamous. Today, the inFamous pre-order content details for and GameStop have been revealed. While they're both unique items that any gamer who either adores Home or plans on buying the game will love, the bonus content for pre-ordering at GameStop is nothing short of slighting your consumer base from the full experience a game can offer.

We understand that this may sound a little off, but it's true. It's always great to receive a cool bonus for pre-ordering a title; something like a mini-figure or even some in-game clothing a la LittleBigPlanet. It's even cool when the in-game content is an additional secret room, but when the content being given out is something that allows you to enjoy the entire game in and of itself in a completely different way to those who don't have access to a store like GameStop, it's a problem.

By now you're probably wondering what gamers will receive by pre-ordering at GameStop, right? Well, GameStop is giving out codes that will enable the user, as Cole, to utilize pwnage-like electricity blades that extend from his wrists. We've included a picture below.


GameStop describes this item as "electric blades extending from his wrists, a single blow annihilates any foe and transforms Cole's hands into instruments of sheer destruction. Yet still gentle enough to allow for the occasional tickling."

This creates an item that will allow one fraction of the consumer base to enjoy inFamous in an entirely different and potentially superior way to those who do not have access or choose not to buy their product from GameStop. We feel this just isn't fair to the standard buyer from say, England, Spain, Dubai (they get games early anyways though!), and so on. has been given the chance to go a much classier route by giving away in-game virtual wear for PlayStation's Home application. Gamers who pre-order via the online retailer will receive a code that allows them to download a full outfit similar to that of the Reapers from within the game. Why Sucker Punch aren't Sony aren't putting out Cole outfits is beyond us, but we'll enjoy being a Reaper regardless.