0tacle Studios announces Elveon for PS3

Today at the Leipzig Gaming Convention in Germany. A Slovakian based game developer called 10tacle studios announced that they'll be bringing their next-generation game called Elveon to Playstation3, Xbox360 and PC.

The game is said to include action gameplay while blending in some RPG elements. From the video that has been released, the game looks very polished indeed. The character models and environments boast some crisp looking textures.

Gameplay can be anyone's guess but we've see some sword fighting in the trailer and some nice moves at that, including sweet parrying action with a satisfying finishing blow. There is some use of projectile weapons in the form of bows and arrows. Vehicles are also present in the shape of giant eagles that can be used for attacks from above. The trailer ends with a scene of two warriors dressed in armor clashing their swords. The title comes up and then a probable release date of 2007 – very interesting game to say the least.

Make sure you checkout our media section for screenshots and a high-res trailer of this amazing new videogame.

Update: Elveon will be using the famous Unreal Engine 3.0 after all. A 10tacle studio representative disclosed the information to the gaming press, " Unreal Engine 3 has already proven to us that it is going produce fantastic results while saving us time and money on this project. It not only has fantastic graphics but also is on an advanced development stage which we need for a real next generation project such as Elveon. We are delighted to have found a really strong technology partner in Epic Games."

Adding to the above remarks, Epic Games VP, Mark Rein commented, " We are very pleased that Elveon will be powered by Unreal Engine 3. The team at 10tacle Studios has impressed from the start and we are excited to be working with them. 10tacle has a great vision for Elveon and we look forward to seeing that vision realized."