10 evil video game characters that will give you nightmares

Ever since the dawn of video games, we’ve seen hundreds of insane titles, unbelievable storylines, and, of course, terrifying characters. But which characters are truly the creepiest, scariest and most twisted? Which unspeakable horrors have haunted your dreams?

Here’s our top 10 list.

1. Piggsy – Manhunt

Putting aside Manhunt’s controversial subject, where players had to control an allegedly deceased inmate called Cash, Piggsy was the game’s eeriest character. He was a mentally retarded, bulky, chainsaw-wielding psychopath with a pig’s head on his actual head.


2. Adam the Clown – Dead Rising

We’re used to seeing scary clowns, but this one is pretty special. Adam the Clown is a stereotypical killer with a red smile painted on his face, and a freakish, disturbing laughter. Featured in Dead Rising, this anti-hero is a chainsaw expert; don’t get too close as he can also breathe fire.


3. Necromorphs – Dead Space

Featured throughout the entire Dead Space franchise, Necromorphs are reanimated corpses redesigned into horrifying new forms by the extraterrestrial “contagion”. These creatures are aggressive and unbelievably ugly; they won’t hesitate to attack uninfected organisms.


4. Pyramid Head – Silent Hill 2

Pyramid Head is the main antagonist from the acclaimed Silent Hill video game franchise. This super violent monster has had other nicknames too, such as Boogeyman, Red Pyramid and Triangle Head. Mainly featured in Silent Hill 2, it is one of the most disturbing characters ever created for a video game.


5. Iron Maiden – Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 is packed with iron maidens. These freakish humanoid creatures are tall and quite grotesque. Their skin features a purple hue and they have huge, disgusting mouths; also, their name comes from an ancient tool used for torturing, called the iron maiden.

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6. Unbaptized Baby – Dante’s Inferno

An unbaptized baby is one of the most twisted characters ever portrayed in a video game. Featured in Dante’s Inferno, these tormented, disfigured versions of actual babies have gray skin and glowing eyes. Their bodies look as if it was sown with their own umbilical cord, and instead of arms they have razor sharp claws.


7. Nemesis – Resident Evil 3

Terribly mutated by the T-virus, Nemesis appears in Resident Evil 3. He’s not just extremely ugly and huge, but also quite disturbingly built. Nemesis appears randomly throughout the game, so you better watch out, otherwise he will kill you. This overpowering monster was smart enough to use weapons, track players’ location and annihilate everything that came in his way.


8. Shibito – Siren: Blood Curse

Shibitos appeared in ‘Siren: Blood Curse’, and they were leading enemies. Smarter than their zombie counterparts, Shibitos were corpses brought back to life by supernatural forces. Featuring bleeding eyes and pale skin, these guys were spine-chilling. If provoked, Shibitos would cruelly hunt down their enemies.


9. Cherubs – Doom 3

Doom 3 has had its fair share of freakish characters; however, we cannot forget the Cherubs. These incredibly ugly babies had the creepiest construction. They didn’t have legs and their lowermost body looked like flies; also, they had wings that emit scary, baby-like noises. And if that was not enough, instead of arms Cherubs had claws. They’re out for blood, so you’d better prepared yourself.


10. Witches – Left 4 Dead

‘Left 4 Dead’ has had numerous types of zombies. Nonetheless, the Witches were certainly the most disturbing. Even though, they were not always part of the main action, they were present, especially if you got to close to them. Witches would tear players apart, despite the fact that they looked rather sad than scary. Instead of arms they had claws and they had of the most perplexing, petrifying screams in video game history.

This is the guest post by Jason Phillips and Army Games 365!