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13 Cool Things About Red Dead Redemption 2 You May Not Know

Red Dead Redemption 2 how to sell pelts

With Red Dead Redemption 2 previews hitting the web this week, there’s a ton of details to digest about Rockstar’s upcoming Wild West adventure. Up until this week, details have been fairly limited. However, press got to go hands on with RDR2 at a recent event, with some journalists being able to play the game for up to five hours.

Let’s take a quick-fire look at some of the more juicier details that were discovered. Here’s 13 cool things we learned from the Red Dead Redemption 2 previews.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Previews Blow Us Away With Details

  1. The Red Dead Redemption 2 full map will be bigger than GTA V and may include the entire map from the first game.

Unbelievably, we read during one preview that Rockstar Games told the player that New Austin and other areas of the original Red Dead Redemption map will be available in the full RDR2 map. That’s in addition to a huge new area. This looks like it will be way bigger than we imagine!

2. Your horse can die if you don’t have an aid kit. It will bleed out when wounded if you don’t patch it up.

Verge writes: “You can forge that connection simply by riding the horse, but you also have the option to fawn over it, by feeding, petting, or brushing it. As that relationship deepens, the horse will learn new abilities. The one I rode could skid around corners at high speed, like a racecar, and even knew a bit of dressage. The horses can also die, and they stay dead, making the bond feel even more precarious and meaningful.”

  1. You can increase the morale of your home camp by hunting and bringing food back that will be cooked.

Techraptor writes: “Morale is important and alcohol raises morale. Keeping the camp happy can provide hidden benefits.

  1. Character customization hits a new level with the ability to modify clothing by rolling up the sleeves of a long shirt, or tucking your trousers in your boots.

From PlayStation Lifestyle: “Players can mix and match a variety of clothing for Arthur. His jackets, shirts, trousers, hats, and so on will all be left to the player’s choosing.

Interestingly, customization runs even deeper, thanks to the option to choose how Arthur wears certain garments. One example shared involves players deciding whether Arthur tucks his pants into his boots. Determining whether the character wears his sleeves rolled up or left down provides additional options.”

  1. You can play the game entirely in first-person mode, or third person, or switch between both.

Gamespot writes: “As was the case with GTA V, the first-person perspective can help bring you into the game at a deeper level. Riding a horse in first-person gives you a new sense of perspective and place, while combat can feel more confronting. Some wacky stuff can happen, too. In my session, I was walking through town in first-person when I got run over by a horse who was trotting by. With a third-person camera I would have seen it coming.

Here’s Red Dead Redemption 2 first-person mode in action.

  1. Your choices affect the way people respond to you. If you’re too bad, going around killing everyone in your path, then the bounty on your head may get bigger. Witnesses will report your crimes. However, the badder you are, the more money you can earn from heists.

This level of choice is threaded through the entirety of Red Dead Redemption 2. Obviously there’s a beginning and an end (or possibly even ends – we don’t know right now), but Rockstar is trying to blur the lines between what’s a story mission and what’s a side quest, instead presenting them all as opportunities given to Arthur. Many are contextual too, dependent on the time of day, where you are and who you’re with,” writes IGN.

  1. You need to also look after the needs of the main character. Arthur needs to sleep and eat. However, eat too much and he’ll get visibly fatter. If you don’t eat enough he’ll get skinny. This will affect your stamina.

From PSLS: “For example, Arthur will get hungry over time; going too long without food negatively affects his health and stamina. Eating too much food does the same.

  1. Your weapons degrade so you have to look after them too. All guns have stats. If you wade through water, for example, the stats will be affected. You need to clean your weapons to raise the stats.

US Gamer writes: “Red Dead Redemption 2 weapons can degrade over time and even jam while shooting. To make sure this doesn’t happen you can clean your weapon regularly to keep your gun in top form.

However, if you take your gun through water, or maybe even get caught in the rain your gun can rust up, so be careful how you treat your firearm out in the frontier.”

  1. Arthur’s beard grows over time. You can get it cut at a barber’s, but it will grow back like a normal human being.

VGR writes: “As you play the game, Arthur Morgan’s hair and facial hair will grow as time passes. You can choose to cut it, or leave it. If you cut it specifically to make a mustache or a specific beard type, you’ll have to wait for it to grow back before changing it.

  1. Horse testicles will get bigger or smaller depending on the weather.

[Rockstar] told me that the testicles shrink and expand depending on the temperature in the game world,” says PC Games N.

  1. Your horse will go to the toilet. Defecating at random times.

Yep, your loyal horse will think nothing of relieving himself dynamically.

  1. If you don’t wash blood off you once you’ve skinned a creature, then predators can smell you and may attack. People will think you stink too.

VGR writes: “Go long stretches without taking a bath and you’ll notice people giving you a wide berth. Routinely show up covered in the blood of your enemies and your gang-mates might stage an intervention. Walking down a street covered in dirt and sporting an unkempt beard will garner a much different reaction than strolling down after a fresh shave and a bath. Showing proper hygiene may even cause some NPC’s to be more forthcoming.

  1. There’s no holding back on the violence. You can blast a head clean-off and dismember limbs.

Red Dead Redemption 2’s weapons have gotten a bit of a revamp as well – including the ability to dismember limbs, says VG247.

Want to know more? We recommend you watch the Gamesradar preview, which goes into a lot of depth.

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